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Online support for independent learning and training program logistics

ICONDA’s ICON9 tools enhance communication with colleagues and customers.

They constitute a pillar of ICONDA’s training courses and are fully described in Client Encounters of the Technical Kind.

To go further still, Difficult Conversations of the Professional Kind looks at the advanced communication topic of confronting colleagues and customers about uncomfortable issues.

my.icon9.net Learning Management System

The my.icon9.net Learning Management System complements coaching and training based on ICON9. It provides valuable support for independent work and considerably facilitates communication between participants and their facilitator, allowing materials to be organised and transferred easily.

Examples of material:

  • The ICON9 Lite Introduction series consists of short, cartoon-style videos which give the basics of ICON9 and its most popular tools : MAP, PAGE, DISCOVER-Y and the TWO-MINUTE-MESSAGE
  • The Client Encounters Using ICON9 Video series is a complete training course in six modules, including scripts, exercises and checks
  • The Client Encounters Using ICON9 Audio series – somewhat experimental – is designed for learning reinforcement through short audio exercises
  • Every new training program has a dedicated area, containing copies of presentations made, supplementary material, instructions for exercises, checkpoint guidelines, and so on.

Lite intro examples

Full content examples

Client Encounters of the Technical Kind

Client Encounters of the Technical Kind demystifies communication for field teams and, in doing so, renders a great service to high-tech companies. Its simple tools and processes promote productivity and effective business results. It’s the ONLY product I have seen that is effective in developing the ‘technical sales team’.” Jack Dunnigan

Difficult Conversations of the Professional Kind

Difficult Conversations of the Professional Kind helps professionals with one of the most important aspects of their work: dealing with critical situations promtly and effectively. It combines a simple flow with profound concepts.

Imagine how much time and energy you could save by improving your capabilities in this area! The conversation may be with your boss, with a peer, with team-members or with a client.  Whichever it is, being able to say what’s really on your mind is an invaluable skill. The tools and techniques described provide a safe way to start, allowing you to develop your own repertoire and style.


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